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ADC (Automatic Data Capture) News & Solutions - Cahners

Control Engineering - Cahners -

Compliance Engineering

Facilities Design and Management - Miller Freeman

Industrial Heating - BNP - 12/yr; for engineers, contractors and manufacturers.

Instrumentation and Automation News - Cahners

Intelligent Enterprise - Miller Freeman - 18/yr; for managers of business-critical applications and data.

Manufacturing Report, The - Lionheart - formerly Intelligent Manufacturing

Manufacturing Systems - Cahners

Manufacturing Systems Europe - Cahners

OR/MS Today - Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

Process Heating - BNP - 10/yr; covers use of industrial equipment such as ovens, dryers, heaters, temperature controls, heat exchangers, heat transfer fluids, temperature sensors, thermal profiling systems, pumps, thermal insulation and temperature control systems for heat uses under 1000 degrees F.

Teradata Review - Miller Freeman - 3/yr; for data warehouse professionals interested in NCR's Teradata database management system.


Automotive Body Repair News - Cahners - 12/yr; technical information for owners, managers, shop foremen, and collision, paint, and mechanical technicians.

Automotive Industries - Cahners - 12/yr; OEM manufacturing and engine manufacturing for the automotive engineering, design, manufacturing and purchasing fields.

Automotive Marketing - Cahners - 12/yr; marketing, trend, and research for upper management and purchasers in retail, jobber, and distribution of automotive aftermarket.

Motor Age - Cahners - 12/yr; technical publication of domestic and import automotive service for owners, managers, professional technicians and mechanics.


Global Cosmetic Industry - Advanstar - manufacturers and marketers of personal care, cosmetic, and toiletry products.


Applied Clinical Trials - Advanstar - pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical, and medical device/instrumentation companies; academic/medical research facilities; contract research organizations, site management organizations; clinical study site, clinical labs, drug development consulting companies, independent CRA's, and govrnment regulatory agencies.

Applied Genetics News - BCC - 12/yr; for corporate executives, scientists, and industry observers. Reports on new products, new technologies, venture capital and stock offerings.

BioPharm - Advanstar - scientists, managers, engineers and technicians in biopharmaceutical and biologic manaufacturing and process development, and classical pharmaceutical manufacturers; specialty and bulk chemical manufacturers, analytical services.

Chemical Equipment - Cahners - 12/yr; engineers and executives in process plants that manufacture chemicals, refined petroleum, food, paper, and other products.

Chemical Week

Fine Particle Technology - BCC - 12/yr; novel processing techniques, products, emerging applications, patents, contracts, research, trends.

Flame Retardancy News - BCC - 12/yr; applications, products, patents, modeling and testing, key company news, regulations and standards.

High-Tech Separations News - BCC - 12/yr; news covering chromotography, HPLC, supercritical fluid separations, affinity technologies, electrophoresis, biosensors, biomolecular instrumentation.

LC-GC - Advanstar - US and Canadian analytical chemists in the bioseparations, pharmaceuticals, environmental, biomedical, polymer, forensic, and food industries.

LC-GC International - Advanstar - Europe's key separation scientists.

LC-GC Asia Pacific - Advanstar - Asian analytical scientists and chromatographers.

Paint & Coatings Industry - BNP - 12/yr; international coverage of the global coatings industry.

Plastics Technology Magazine - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for executives, engineers, and operational managers in the plastics industry.

Pharmaceutical Executive - Advanstar - manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostic products, medical devices, and instruments.

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - senior scientists, engineers, technologists and corporate executives involved with raw materials, components and equipment in European manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Technology Asia - researchers and developers in manufacturing and processing in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.


Adhesives & Sealants Industry - BNP - 12/yr; for manufacturers of adhesives and sealants used in building and highway construction, automobile manufacture, medical equipment, and other industries.

Battery & EV Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; primary and secondary battery technology, fuel cells, advanced batteries, environmental issues, competition, emerging markets.

Control Engineering - Cahners - 12/yr; engineers in all industries who buy, specify, design or maintain control and instrumentation systems.

Control Engineering International - Cahners - 7/yr; engineers in the international market who buy, specify, design or maintain instrumentation systems.

Design News - Cahners

Display Development News - BCC - 12/yr; covers CRT and electroluminescent displays, materials, processing, equipment, new applications.

ECN - Cahners - 13/yr; product news covering discrete semiconductors, integrated sircuits, components, computer subsystems, software, test equipment for design engineers and engineering management in electronics OEM.

Electronic News - Cahners - 51/yr; management executives in engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, and research and development; corporate executives in computer, communications, industrial electronics, semiconductor, distribution, and financial markets.

Engineered Systems - BNP - 12/yr; for professional HVAC engineers and manufacturers.

Facilities Design and Management - Miller Freeman - for facilities managers and designers.

Fuel Cell Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; covers patents, regulations, catalysts and reformers, policy, applications.

Furniture Design & Manufacturing

Gear Technology

Global Design News - Cahners

High Tech Ceramics News - BCC - 12/yr; includes news of powders, coatings, fibers, composites, bioceramics, membranes, electronics and optics, superconductors, abstracts and bibliographies.

Industrial Product Bulletin - Cahners

Microtechnology News - BCC - 12/yr; news of abrasion/wear resistance, processing
technology, equipment, interfaces, electronics, optics, micromachining/nanotechnology,
testing and analysis.

Non Destructive Testing - BCC - 12/yr; covers process automation, online testing, infrastructure testing systems, contracts and procurements, new technologies.

PM Engineer - BNP - 12/yr; for professional HVAC engineers, spec writers, estimators, and contractors.

Product Design and Development - Cahners - 12/yr; reaches design engineers and engineering management inthe OEM markets.

R&D Magazine Online - Cahners

Wireless Design & Development - Cahners - 12/yr; new product tab for design & technical engineers and managers in commercial wireless OEM manufacturing.

Upholstery Design & Manufacture (udm) Magazine - Chartwell Communications - 6/yr; trends, management issues and manufacturing technology for manufacturers of upholstered seating.


Advanced Medical Imaging - BCC - 12/yr; for developers, manufacturers, distributors or users of medical imaging technology.

Intelligent Systems Report - monthly newsletter

Medical Design Technology - Cahners

Medical Device Technology - Advanstar - researchers, designers, and manufacturers of medical devices and diagnostics products.

Scientific Computing & Instrumentation - Cahners - 12/yr; for scientists and engineers who use computer systems and automated technology.

Spectroscopy - Advanstar - industrial, government, and academic scientists and spectroscopists, including process engineers and analytical chemists.

Test & Measurement Europe - Cahners - 6/yr; reports on test, measurement, inspection, and quality control in the electronics industry for European engineers and managers.

Test & Measurement World - Cahners - 13/yr; test, measurement inspection, and quality control for electronics industry engineers and managers.


ADC (Automatic Data Capture) News & Solutions - Cahners

Assembly - Cahners

Ceramic Industry - BNP - 12/ yr; for manufacturers of advanced ceramics, glass, whitewares, structural clay, refractories, and decorating technology industries.

Electronic Packaging & Production - Cahners - 12/yr; design and production of electronic circuits, products, and equipment.

Energy User News - Cahners - 12/yr; tabloid for building owners and facility managers.

Energy User News Digest - Cahners - 4/yr; decision-makers in commercial and industrial facilities and trade allies of utility sponsors.

Industrial Distribution - Cahners

Industrial Paint & Powder - Cahners

Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation - Cahners

Manufacturing Systems - Cahners

Manufacturing Systems Europe - Cahners

Logistics - Cahners

Material Handling Product News - Cahners

Modern Materials Handling - Cahners

Modern Woodworking - BNP - 12/yr; for millworking professionals and cabinetmakers.

Plant Engineering - Cahners

Pollution Engineering - Cahners

Powder/Bulk Solids - Cahners - 12/yr;operational and technological advancements in the dry processing and bulk solids handling industry.

Purchasing - Cahners

Quality Online - Cahners

Robotics World - Douglas Publications

The Supply Chain Link - Cahners

Warehousing Management - Cahners


American Metal Market - Cahners

Metal Center News - Cahners

Metal Working Digest - Cahners

New Steel - Cahners


Converting Magazine - Cahners - 12/yr; information on converting paper, paperboard, film and foil into packaging and other products.

Food & Drug Packaging

Official Board Markets - Advanstar - weekly for independent and integrated paperboard converters and mills, packaging buyers, recyclers, and paper brokers.

Package Printing & Converting

Packaging Digest - Cahners - 13/yr; packaging professionals in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, chemical and other packaged goods, packaging materials and machine manufacturing industries.

Packaging Technology & Engineering

Paperboard Packaging Worldwide - Advanstar - executives, saes, purchasing and production professionals in the converting/corrugating container, folding carton, and rigid box field.

Printing Impressions

Pulp & Paper - Miller Freeman - 13/yr; for pulpwood, paperboard and paper-converting industries in North America.

Pulp & Paper Europe - Miller Freeman - 6/yr; for pulp and paper industry across Europe.

Pulp & Paper International - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; covers the international paper industry.

Wood Technology Magazine - Miller Freeman - 10/yr; primary lumber/panel producers, secondary wood products.

Wood & Wood Products - Vance Publishing - 12/yr; for management and operating personnel in the woodworking industry, covers machining trends and developments, management and marketing techniques, automation, hardware and design for the residential furniture, business and institutional furniture, cabinet, millwork and panel markets


Industrial Safety & Hygiene News - BNP - 12/yr; for industrial safety and hygiene managers, planners, and compliance officers.

Pest Constrol Magazine - Advanstar - pest control specialists in residential, industrial,recreational, institutional, healthcare, food, and other sanitation/quality control industries.

The Sanitarian - Advanstar - quarterly newletter for plant sanitarians and quality control leaders in food processing and food handling facilities.