Information Technology              Suggest a magazine!

Executive Technology - Fairchild - covers customer relationships, sales and merchandising, IT architecture, electronic commerce, staff management, and apparel and home technology.

Retail Technology - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for management personnel charged with developing and managing information technologies.

Global Information Systems

GEOworld - Adams - Online version - GPS technologies and systems information

Business GEOgraphics - Adams - Uses of GPS in business.

GEO Europe - Adams - GIS uses in Europe and through the Internet.

GEO Asia Pacific - Adams - GIS uses in Asia and through the Internet.

GeoConvergencia - Advanstar - professionals involved in infrastructure development in Mexico and Latin America.

Geo Info Systems - Advanstar - professionals with purchasing authority for GIS products and services in architecture, engineering, construction, agriculture, cartography, computer hardware or software, defense and military, government, utilities, surveying, and telecom.

GPS World - Advanstar - professionals in land/air/sea navigation, engineering surveying, transportation, military, and agriculture.

Mapping Awareness - Adams - GPS/GIS systems and uses for engineers and planners.

Geoinformation Africa - Adams - covers GIS/GPS use in Africa and Middle East.