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Applied Genetics News - BCC - 12/yr; for corporate executives, scientists, and industry observers. Reports on new products, new technologies, venture capital and stock offerings.

BioMechanics - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; technology, trends in lower body movement healthcare specialty field.

Contemporary Long-Term Care - Bill Communications -12/yr; combination of long care management, health issues, facility ideas.

Cosmetic Surgery Times - Advanstar - plastic surgeons, dermatologic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons.

Dermatology Times - Advanstar - physicians and residents in hospital and office-based practices.

Formulary - Advanstar - Peer-reviewed* - physicians, pharmacists and healthcare professionals who influence selection and use of drugs in hospitals, HMO's, PPO's, and other managed care.

Geriatrics - Advanstar - primary care physicians. Editions in Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.

Managed Healthcare - Advanstar - health care providers, health care purchasers, hospitals, HMO's, PPO's, IPA's, managed care organizations.

Modern Medicine - Advanstar - primary care physicians. Editions in Australia, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Middle East, South Africa, Turkey.

Ophthamology Times - Advanstar - "Written by physicians, for physicians." Publishes Latin American edition.

Physician's Management - Advanstar - physicians.

Review of Ophthamology - Cahners - 12/yr; national magazine for office and hospital ophthamologists, residents, and staff.

Review of Optometry - Cahners - 12/yr; professionals who provide eye care services as well as ophthalmic rpoducts.

Stride Magazine - Miller Freeman - 6/yr; consumer-oriented articles on footwear, health nutrition, exercise and travel with emphasis on lower body movements and walking--listed because it is used as a "waiting room" magazine.

Telehealth Networks - Miller Freeman - 6/yr; for telemedicine professionals. Covers implementation, market analysis, clinical applications.

Urology Times - Advanstar - urologists.


DVM Magazine - Advanstar - small and large practice veterinarians, food animal practitioners, technicians, hospital managers, academicians, veterinary supply distributors.


Advanced Medical Imaging - BCC - 12/yr; for developers, manufacturers, distributors or users of medical imaging technology.

Diagnostic Imaging - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; covers clinical, technical, economic, legal and legislative issues affecting radiologists and other imaging professionals.

Diagnostic Imaging Asia Pacific - Miller Freeman - 7/yr; for diagnostic and technical professionals in diagnostic imaging, plus political, commercial, economic trends in the Asian Pacific radiology field.

Diagnostic Imaging Amèrica Latina - Miller Freeman - 6/yr; for diagnostic imaging and radiology professionals in Latin America.

Diagnostic Imaging Europe - Miller Freeman - 9/yr; for DI professionals in Europe, oncluding trends in European radiology.

Medical Equipment - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; advertising periodical for medical professionals who buy, sell and service new and used medical equipment.

Medical Materials Update - BCC - 12/yr; covers plastics and polymers; metals, ceramics and composites; biologicals and biomaterials; gels and membranes; devices and applications; legislation and regulations.

Medical Products Sales - Douglas Publications


Medicine & Behavior Magazine - Miller Freeman - 6/yr; for primary care physicians and other health professionals. Covers neuroscience, central nervous system disorders, psychiatric disorders and general medical conditions with behavioral precursors or sequelae.

Psychiatric Times - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for psychiatrists and other mental health care
professionals. Preferred authors are physicians and top-notch medical writers.


Applied Clinical Trials - Advanstar - pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical, and medical device/instrumentation companies; academic/medical research facilities; contract research organizations, site management organizations; clinical study site, clinical labs, drug development consulting companies, independent CRA's, and govrnment regulatory agencies.

BioPharm - Advanstar - scientists, managers, engineers and technicians in biopharmaceutical and biologic manaufacturing and process development, and classical pharmaceutical manufacturers; specialty and bulk chemical manufacturers, analytical services.

Drug Discovery/Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; covers drug discovery, new compounds, sythesis, bulk manufacturing, formulation, excipients, delivery, and more.

DTC Times - Advanstar - quarterly for marketers at pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies.

High-Tech Separations News - BCC - 12/yr; news covering chromotography, HPLC, supercritical fluid separations, affinity technologies, electrophoresis, biosensors, biomolecular instrumentation.

Membrane & Separation Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; news of microfiltration, reverse
osmosis, ultrafiltration, pervaporation, gas separation, and electrodialysis.

Pharmaceutical Executive - Advanstar - manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostic products, medical devices, and instruments.

Pharmaceutical Technology - Advanstar - manufacturers of pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic materials, producers of raw and bulk materials, and device and instrument manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - senior scientists, engineers, technologists and corporate executives involved with raw materials, components and equipment in European manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Technology Asia - researchers and developers in manufacturing and processing in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.