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Beverage Dynamics - Adams - suppliers and chain and independent retailers (liquor stores, supermarkets, beverage outlets).

Brand Marketing - Fairchild - news, trends, analysis about selling and marketing packaged goods through food, drug, and mass market trade.

Candy Business - Adams - processing, packaging and marketing in the confectionery industry.

Chain Leader - Cahners - 12/yr; senior management of chain restaurants.

Cheers - Adams - owners and food and beverage managers of premium
full-service establishments including chain and independent
hotels, restaurants, clubs, caterers, and bars.

Food and Beverage Marketing - Adams - merchandising strategies, marketing reports, new products for supermarket headquarters management.

Foodservice Director - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for directors and managers of institutional and multiple foodservice operations.

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies - Cahners - 13/yr; dealers and distributors of foodservice equipment adn supplies; designers of foodservice facilities who specify equipment for multi-unit chains.

Frozen Food Age - Bill Communications

The Gourmet Retailer - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for specialty shop retailers of foods, beverages, and tobacco.

ID [Institutional Distribution] - Bill Communications - for commercial food suppliers and distributors.

Nation's Restaurant News - 50/yr; for owners and managers of both independent and chain restaurant/fast food operations.

Progressive Grocer - Bill Communications

Restaurant Business - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for owners and managers of restaurant operations.

Restaurants & Institutions - Cahners - 24/yr; chains, independent restaurants, hotels, and institutions.

Stateways - Adams - for commissioners, board members, headquarters personnel, and retail managers in alcohol control states.

Supermarket Business - Bill Communications - 12/yr;

Supermarket News - Fairchild - 52/yr; covers format development, information systems development, retail marketing, market profiles, consumer trends.

Takeout Business - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for owners and managers of takeout restaurant and fast food chains and franchisees.


Alimentos Procesados -Cahners - 12/yr; Latin American food and beverage manufacturers.

Applied Genetics News - BCC - 12/yr; for corporate executives, scientists, and industry observers. Reports on new products, new technologies, venture capital and stock offerings.

Dairy Foods - Cahners - 12/yr; executives and managers in the dairy processing industry.

Food Engineering - Chilton - 11/yr; packaging and processing technology.

Food Engineering International - Cahners - 6/yr; food and beverage industry in Europe and Asia.

Food Ingredient News - BCC - 12/yr; products, technologies, research, regulations, and
industry news.

Food Logistics - Bill Communications - 12/yr; includes information technology, material handling, transportation, and third party/refrigeration logistics.

Food Manufacturing - Cahners - 12/yr; tab for engineers, plant operations managers and administrators who buy and specify equipment and services in the food processing industry.

Membrane & Separation Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; news of microfiltration, reverse
osmosis, ultrafiltration, pervaporation, gas separation, and electrodialysis.

Prepared Foods - Cahners - 12/yr; for companies that develop, manufacture, process, package, and market value-added food and beverage products.


Alaska Fisheries Research Bulletin (AK) - Online journal with scientific and technical articles on all aspects of Alaska fisheries, fish biology and management.

Aquaculture Magazine Online - Online version of print publication, covers aquaculture industry worldwide.

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences - Online fisheries journal.

Fish.NET's NW Fishletter

Fishermen's News - covering the west coast and Alaska.

Havbruk Trade Magazine - Internet trade magazine for Coastal Norway, covering seafood, aquaculture, salmon growing, commercial fishing, fish processing, exports, biotechnology and more.

Lobster Bulletin (Maine) - online newsletter published by the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine.

National Fisherman Online - online edition of National Fisherman magazine.

Tuna Newsletter - quarterly by the National Marine Fisheries Service's Southwest Region and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

Westcoast Fisherman - for commercial fishermen, boat owners, and operators.