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Accountant's Tax Weekly

Accounting Technology - Faulkner & Gray - 11/yr; practical answers and how-to for accountants and tax professionals on software and telecommunications equipment.

Accounting Today - Faulkner & Gray - 22/yr; management and marketing for accounting firms.

Controller Magazine

Practical Accountant - Faulkner & Gray - 12/yr; for accounting practitioners who want to stay on the leading edge of practical tax and accuonting money-making advice and time-saving ideas.


American Banker

Bank Systems & Technology - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for senior banking executives, cover integration of technology for new product development and business unit growth.

Banking Technology News - Faulkner & Gray - 12/yr; tab format; roports on all ATM, branch automation, imaging, optical storage, payment systems, etc.

Bank Technology News International - Faulkner & Gray - 6/yr; news, stats and anlysis on global bank technology including securities processing.

Credit Union Journal - Faulkner & Gray - 51/yr;tabloid; for credit union CEOs--competitive, market, financial and regulatory developments.

Credit Union Times

Financial Service Online - Faulkner & Gray - 10/yr; covers market for online financial services such as home banking, bill payment, investing, and Internet-based commerce.

US Banker - Faulkner & Gray - 12/yr; regulatory and technological developments for bankers, and new on products such as investment products, asset/liability management, fair lending, database marketing, etc.


Card Marketing - Faulkner & Gray - 12/yr; marketing and promotion for credit and debit cards, smart cards, pre-paid phone cards.

Card Technology - Faulkner & Gray - 12/yr; covers news and advances in smart cards, credit scoring, card access systems, stored-value cards, optical memory cards, smart card security, biometrics, electronic commerce and more.

Credit Card Management - Faulkner & Gray - 12/yr; reports, analysis and guidance on boosting profits, new markets, database and other marketing tools, prepaid and smart cards.


Financial Technology International - Miller Freeman - 24/yr; for financial service executives in Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and other emerging markets.

Global Tech Ventures - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; global nature of high-tech finance, highlighting players, deals and strategic partnerships.


Insurance & Technology - Miller Freeman - 14/yr; for senior level executives at property and casualty, reinsurance, and multi-line insurance companies.

Underwriter's Report


Affordable Housing Finance - Alexander & Edwards Publishing - 6/yr;provides practical advice, case studies and news on financing low-income housing, including in-depth coverage of tax credit and tax-exempt bond programs, for housing sponsors, lenders,investors and government agencies.

Apartment Finance Today - Alexander & Edwards Publishing - 6/yr; qualified developers, asset managers and apartment owners.

Commercial Property News - Miller Freeman - 24/yr; covers individuals and firms in the real estate investment, development, leasing, finance and management industries.

CPN's Real Estate Finance Review - Miller Freeman - 4/yr; news, transactions, trends in real estate.

Plants, Sites & Parks - BPI Communications - 6/yr; issues, trends & developments in office and industrial site selection.