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American Sweeper Magazine - voice of the U.S. contract and street sweeping industry.

American Waste Digest - national monthly magazine for the solid waste recycling industries.

Environmental Design & Construction - BNP - 6/yr; for architects, interior designers, contractors, spec writers and engineers. Covers all aspects of environmentally sound building design and construction including recycled building products, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, indoor air quality, waste disposal and re-use, and more.

Energy Conservation News - BCC - 12/yr; covers conservation technology, alternative energy, energy management, forecasts and analysis.

Environmental Technology - Adams - management within industrial firms--plant engineers, compliance managers and corporate officers and consulting firms. http://www.environet.net/et/current/

Fuel Cell Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; covers patents, regulations, catalysts and reformers,
policy, applications.

High-Tech Separations News - BCC - 12/yr; news covering chromotography, HPLC, supercritical fluid separations, affinity technologies, electrophoresis, biosensors, biomolecular instrumentation.

Hauler - waste-related information and companies.

Membrane & Separation Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; news of microfiltration, reverse
osmosis, ultrafiltration, pervaporation, gas separation, and electrodialysis.

Pumper - a magazine for the liquid waste industry, by subscription only, with online products and classifieds information.

Recharger - office products recycling industry.

Recycling Manager - follows U.S. material prices by grade, for aluminum and other recyclable materials.

Recycling World Magazine - The UK's commercial recycling magazine: with the latest recycling news, features and legal information.

Scrap - bi-monthly publication of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

Solid Waste Management - Canadian magazine of collection, hauling, recycling, and disposal.

Solid Waste Technologies - Adams - key decision-makers in private waste management companies, public officials, consulting engineers, and other who buy products and services to support solid waste management practices.

Texas Recycler Market News - a monthly newsletter from the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission bringing information on markets for recovered materials in Texas.

Waste Age Publications - for the solid waste, recycling and infectious waste industries.

Waste Treatment Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; coverage of landfills, chemical treatments, physical treatments, recycling, waste-to-energy technology, incineration, containment, degradable materials and more.

Water Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; covers instruments and monitoring devices, testing, ultrapure water treatment, membrane processes, recycling processes, biofiltration and chemical treatment, modeling and water purification.