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Battery & EV Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; primary and secondary battery technology, fuel cells, advanced batteries, environmental issues, competition, emerging markets.

Energy Conservation News - BCC - 12/yr; covers conservation technology, alternative energy, energy management, forecasts and analysis.


Fuel Cell Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; covers patents, regulations, catalysts and reformers,
policy, applications.

Gas Daily

LP/Gas - Advanstar - dealers and distributors of liquid petroleum gas and appliances; fleet owners, installers, and dealers of LP gas and motor fuel equipment.

Restructuring Today - daily trade newsletter about retail gas and electric competition, electric and gas utility restructuring, convergence, and deregulation.

Underground Focus - underground installation and damage prevention.

Waste Treatment Technology News - BCC - 12/yr; coverage of landfills, chemical treatments, physical treatments, recycling, waste-to-energy technology, incineration, containment, degradable materials and more.