Computers              Suggest a magazine!

CADence Magazine - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; trends in the computer-aided design (CAD)
Communication Systems Design - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for designers in both telecommunications
and data communications.
Computer Security Journal - Miller Freeman - 4/yr; for users of computer security voice & data.
Computer Telephony - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; products and services for making/receiving
 analog, digital calls, Internet connections, ISDN, etc.
DB2 Magazine - Miller Freeman - 4/yr; custom published for IBM, covers
technical solutions and case studies for the DB2 database system.
Dr. Dobbs Journal - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for software development professionals.
Embedded Systems Programming - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for engineers, 
programmers and technical managers.
Game Developer Magazine - Miller Freeman - for professional game developers, 
producers, project managers, 3D animators, audio engineers and designers.
Insurance & Technology - Miller Freeman - 14/yr; for senior level executives at property
 and casualty, reinsurance, and multi-line insurance companies.
Microsoft Internet Developer Magazine - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for
developers of Microsoft internet and intranet technologies.

Microsoft Systems Journal - Miller Freeman - for developers taking advantage of the Windows family of operating systems.

Retail Technology - Bill Communications - 12/yr; for management personnel charged with developing and managing information technologies.

Software Development - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; focus on practices, products and people.

Sys Admin - Miller Freeman - 13/yr; technical information for UNIX system aaadministrators.

Technology & Learning - Miller Freeman - 11/yr; for acquisition and application of educational technology in K-12 academics.

UNIX Review's Performance Computing - Miller Freeman - 13/yr; for buyers and developers of UNIX and Windows NT products who develop high-performance systems.

C/C++ Users Journal - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for C++ developers and programmers.

Wall Street & Technology - Miller Freeman - 12/yr + 4/yr product review; technology trends driving the securities and investment industry.

Web Techniques - Miller Freeman - 12/yr; for professional developers, designers and managers of WWW sites.

Windows NT Systems - Miller Freeman - 13/yr; technical solutions for system managers and administrators of Windows NT systems.